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Spirit fires promote efficiency

Being environmentally aware and energy efficient has grown to be necessary for everyone – and they can save you money. Clients and designers are constantly reminded of the need to reduce their carbon footprint not only to protect the environment, but also to help save a few pounds during these tough economic times. Anyone involved in building new homes, offices, schools and the like, or creating new environments, must consider ways to be energy efficient.



Saving money is not just about the efficiency rating of the appliance, the choice of fuel is also critical. Despite recent news of price rises, gas is still the cheapest way to provide a secondary heat source to a property and the Spirit range includes several styles of energy efficient gas fires to consider. All Spirit gas fires are handmade to a very high standard in the UK and are fully CE approved for safety.



If energy efficiency and saving money are important here are a few options to consider:


100 per cent efficient
Flueless gas fires: These appliance are 100 per cent energy efficient with all of the energy supplied being returned to the room as heat. The Spirit range includes unique ?open flamed?? models that can be wall mounted, built in or supplied with a traditional hearth and surround. Heat Outputs are available from 2.4kw to 3.5kw. Running costs start from only 10p/hour. Installation on this style of appliance is very easy and straightforward as only a gas supply is required. Flueless gas fires are a great way to add a feature fireplace without the need for installing an expensive flue or chimney system.


75 per cent plus efficient
Chimney gas fires: Spirit Fires have now added a range of high efficiency gas fires for use with an existing chimney or flue system. These are glass fronted, room sealed, appliances and are available in wall mounted and traditional versions. Heat outputs are up to 5kw and most appliances are operated by thermostatic remote control to monitor the room temperature and reduce the flame accordingly, saving energy. These HE gas fires are perfect for upgrading an old inefficient gas fire to high efficiency or for use in a new build property. The fires are designed to fit any home with a chimney or flue liner system.


75 per cent plus efficient
Balanced flue gas fires: These appliances are room sealed with the flame protected by a glass panel. The fire is operated by a balanced flue chimney system and this allows for larger output appliances from 7kw to 14kw. There are many models available from 400mm to 1300mm wide with front only or 2 sided (see through) versions possible. These appliances are suited to new build properties.


90 per cent efficient
Power Flue Gas Fires: These appliances are room sealed with the flame protected by a glass panel. The fire is operated by small 54mm diameter pipes that can be routed up to 40m away from the appliance. The flue routing can go in any direction with multiple bends, even under the floor if required. The flue outlet is a tiny disc on the wall meaning that these appliances are ideal for modern homes. Available in sizes from 500mm to 1300mm wide with remote control and logs or pebbles.


Spirit Fires is a North East-based company specialising in British-made, award-winning fires and fireplaces. Spirit Fires owns the Spirit, CVO and Easyfire fireplace brands and produces fires at its workshop in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham. The company is an internationally-recognised brand and well regarded in the fireplace industry for producing unique, desirable gas fires which have won many design and technology awards.


For more information visit www.cvo.co.uk



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