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Smith’s Oxford Shingle for the landscape

Smiths?? versatile Oxford Shingle has a wide range of applications from driveways and general landscaping to the purely practical drainage and pipe bedding. Produced at Smiths?? Gill Mill Quarry this shingle has a blend of neutral beiges and creamy, Cotswold colours. Smiths?? Oxford range of shingles, having both aesthetic and practical uses, not only look great on driveways and paths and work well for land drainage and pipe bedding, but also the smaller graded Oxford Shingle works very well as mulch and thus is an excellent and good-looking solution for flowerbeds. A rising trend is the surfacing of large areas in the garden with decorative shingle. Oxford Shingle is ideal for this type of garden design, looks great plus provides a low maintenance solution. Oxford shingles come in a mixture of natural beiges and Cotswold cream colours, so they’ll blend in almost anywhere, while still adding that little something extra to the landscape. When it comes to size we recommend either 10 or 20mm shingle for gardening, driveways, paths and landscaping, 10mm shingle for pipe bedding and 40mm shingle for land drainage. Oxford shingles are suitable for driveways, footpaths and general landscaping and many other uses.


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