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BBA endorsement for ROOFMATE SL-A insulation

Dow Building Solutions has been awarded BBA accreditation for its Styrofoam Roofmate SL-A extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation, designed for insulating inverted flat roofs.  


The inverted roof system was invented by Dow over 50 years ago, using Styrofoam XPS as the insulation layer.  Over the years, Roofmate SL-A has earned its reputation as a reliable and durable insulation material for such systems, thanks to a set of properties not commonly found in one package.


The product has high compressive strength and offers excellent moisture resistance thanks to its closed cell structure, resulting in low water pick-up over time despite rigorous conditions on exposed rooftops.


Designed and installed correctly, Roofmate SL-A will also maintain its thermal conductivity performance for the expected lifetime of the building: tests show that even after 300 cycles of freezing and thawing, Roofmate SL-A will absorb less than 1% of moisture by volume, supporting long term performance demands.


With a range of single, extruded thickness up to 200mm, the material is lightweight yet robust, offering flexibility and durability across the range of inverted roof constructions, including green roofs and parking decks.


Richard Powell, Roofing Manager commented, ?Roofmate SL-A has long been regarded as a premium performer when it comes to inverted roof insulation, but BBA certification lends it third party endorsement that will give contractors extra confidence when specifying it,??


?We have been manufacturing STYROFOAM products in the UK since the 1960s, and can already demonstrate that ROOFMATE SL-A is manufactured according to the high standards set by ISO 9001 and 14001 Quality and Environmental Management Systems,??


?Achieving BBA certification in addition demonstrates our commitment to supporting the roofing industry with quality, independently-tested products that can be relied upon to perform against key criteria such as strength and moisture resistance for the long-term.??


Declared thermal conductivity of ROOFMATE SL-A is as low as 0.034 W/mK in a 100mm thickness. Specifiers and contractors wanting support in calculating corrected U-values under ETAG 031-1 for possible water absorption, and under BS EN ISO 6946 for rainwater cooling, can get help from the Dow Building Solutions technical helpdesk on 08707 104 553 or fkltech@dow.com.


For more information telephone 020 3139 4000, email dbsuk@dow.com or visit www.styrofoam.co.uk



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