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Can Work Damage Your Health?


Research carried out by ErgoCube, ergonomic office furniture and accessories specialists, has revealed that a massive amount of people are suffering pain and even risking injury just spending time at their desk. With many of us spending up to eight hours or more a day at work, this is worrying news for both office workers and their employers. In the survey, 44% obtained a neck or shoulder injury or pain from a work related cause. A further 22% had suffered with repetitive strain injury.????


There are simple and often cheap ways this can be avoided. Research by Dul (1982) published in the Journal for Preventive Medicine found a tilted work surface reduces bending of the neck preventing related complaints. Interestingly, a further 79% of the survey group had never used a desktop document holder and only 9% had used an in-line document holder. Keeping mobile can help too and there has been a lot of interest recently in the research of Dr John Buckley from the University of Chester. Dr Buckley recommends standing in the office to improve health.????


Based on these findings ErgoCube have joined together with a number of experts to launch the “Can Work Damage Your Health” campaign.


????David Devoy, ErgoCube’s ergonomic expert, comments, “At ErgoCube we understand the benefits of an ergonomic office for both health, wellbeing and, even productivity. We strive to provide the best information and advice for our customers so they can make informed decisions about their own health, and those of their employees within the workplace. However, no one source could ‘know it all’. This campaign is our way of enhancing information.”????


By bringing together a team of experts in the pain related field, the ergonomic campaign are able to offer a variety of discounts including discounts on pain relieving products and office furniture. There is also a competition with a bumper prize including an ergonomic office chair, pain relieving products, a subscription to the Pain Matters publication and ergonomic office accessories.????


For more information visit www.ergocube.net



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