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Rooftop benefits from Solar Slate

With the on-going depletion of traditional fossil fuels, more and more people are becoming attracted to the independence and green benefits of solar energy. There are two sticking points that the solar industry continually faces, the issue of planning permission and building aesthetics. This is exactly what is addressed by the Solar Slate proposition. Solar Slates are solar panels that blend in with natural roof slates to provide an aesthetically pleasing solar panel roof, enabling carbon neutral luxury for the very first time. Solar Slates have no moving parts, have a painless installation process, practically no maintenance, easily meet planning requirements and are a match to traditional slates, thus blending in with a building??s current roof tiles. They are also eligible for feed-in-tariffs (FITs). As efficient as a standard solar panel and more efficient than in-roof photovoltaic panels, Solar Slates reduce a building??s carbon footprint and help property owners to budget for energy costs. They are easily connected parallel strings, so if one slate fails, the rest of the systems keeps generating energy and income, unlike conventional panel systems.



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