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Trench covers for ‘fit and forget’ solution

First Heavy Duty D400 Load Rated 1.6m Long Composite Trench Cover is launched by Fibrelite.


This development, an industry first, provides the perfect lightweight alternative to large traditional heavy concrete and metal trench panels that normally need removing by a forklift to gain access to all important underground services. Fibrelite has launched a range of heavy duty D400 load rated composite 1.6m long trench covers.


?Having re-configured the internal fibreglass architecture we can meet the permanent set and test load requirements of BS EN 124, Class D400?? explains David Holmes, Fibrelite??s Technical Director and Head of Product Development. ?What??s more, no additional support beams are required??.


Fibrelite??s trench covers are designed as a ??fit and forget?? solution. Maintenance free and perfect for covering large pits, gullies and trenches where occasional or frequent access may be required.


The request for 1.6m long, heavy duty trench covers initially came from a large power station in the North of England. Their engineers were exploring replacement options for extremely heavy and easily damaged concrete covers that had been installed years earlier. At the time, whenever these crumbling concrete panels needed removal to gain access to a trench, a forklift and lifting equipment would be required. The fact that with Fibrelite trench covers the task would become an easy and safe exercise, taking two technicians around ten seconds, made the choice to opt for Fibrelite??s a simple one. The associated increase in productivity and significant reduction in costs were huge benefactors for the consulting engineers and customers alike.

Easy Safe Lifting and Replacement

Fibrelite??s trench covers are proven to be ergonomically safe for men and women to remove and replace. The design incorporates two lifting points for their specially designed FL7 lifting aids. These allow the operator to remove the cover without trapping fingers or bending over thus maximising the safety of the lifting technique.


They can be used for a multitude of applications: from shopping centre walkways and industrial facilities to HGV loading areas in water treatment plants and power stations. No other covering system matches its easy lift, skid resistant or load carrying properties.


Fibrelite??s manufacturing uses using multi-axial E glass fibre and a specially formulated resin matrix. The basic principle of this methodology is to dissipate load in the most effective way possible – something in which Fibrelite surpasses all competition. This is never truer than in large and heavy duty covers such as the 1600 x 450mm 40 tonne D400 load rated trench cover.


For more information visit www.fibrelite.com




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