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Tier wall panelling

Using natural stone walling will bring style and character to any house build or garden landscape, but more to frequently the time scale and precision to put it into place out weigh the aesthetic look that natural stone would bring and this oftenly discourages it to be used due to time and labour costs. By using Tier, natural stone can be used to create distinctive stone walls in a much easier way.


Tier is a wall panelling system made up of natural stone. The simple, yet clever ‘Z’ formation of the panels allows each one to interlock immaculately together with the next, leaving no visible joint. Each panel is 610mm long by 215mm high and weighs approximately 65kg per m2.  



The wall panelling is available in slate, quartz, sandstone and granite and each having their own colour variations, sizes and textures, makes the panels unique and provides an authentic drystone wall appearance.


Applications for Tier are endless. Its simple installation means it can be incorporated into both commercial and residential schemes on both interior and exterior builds. The panels can be attached to a new or existing concrete or blockwork structure using the approved and recommended Tier flexible adhesive. Installation begins by using a toothed trowel to apply an even spread of adhesive directly to the wall. It is highly advised to not apply using spots or blobs as this will weaken the bond.  Once the adhesive has been applied the panel must be installed and fixed into place, using a rubber mallet, within 40 minutes. Any applications over three meteres in height will require additional fixings, approx 8 per m2.  Should the panels require to be cut to size, this can be done easily with standard masonry tools and without the risk of cracks or fractures.


This is such a simple and effective product to get on with. The panels have been designed to achieve the look of a stone wall but without the need for a qualified stonemason, therefore no specialist skills or tools are required.  This is why this product is growing in popularity with contractors and developers alike.


When approaching corners Tier has the perfect solution with the Tier Quoin system. By incorporating a unique ‘L’ shape structure into the design allows this elegant panel system to carry on around corners and/or window reveals, giving the impression of grandeaur and establishment while also complemeting the panels that have been used on the flat walls.



The modular design of the panels means that Tier can also be constructed in a fraction of the time normally taken to build traditional stonework. With Tier, it is possible to install up to 30m2 per working day which is highly efficient in comparison to 3m2 for random rubble walling.


This exclusive walling system will not only invite reduced labour costs but it is also extremely economical.  Tier has the advantage of producing less waste during the construction period and will require no maintenance after installation is complete.  Whilst traditional stone walling can have up to 25% wastage, Tier has virtually none.


With installtion being quick and easy, and with a beautiful variety of colours and textures to choose from, this exciting product proves a popular choice throughout the UK.


For more information telephone 01708 867237 or visit www.ced.ltd.uk



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