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Xetis revolutionises bathroom architecture

Kaldewei Xetis ?? lava black matt 


Xetis, the new enamelled shower surface with integrated wall outlet from Kaldewei, celebrates a premiere in modern bathroom architecture. Harmoniously blending with the bathroom, Xetis plays to a clear, purist style with an outlet that sits discreetly in the wall so as not to disrupt the seamless shower surface in superior Kaldewei steel enamel 3.5mm. The shower surface with a colour spectrum matched to natural flooring neatly integrates with its surroundings in perfect optical continuity. Kaldewei??s latest product provides bathroom designers with new aesthetic scope for design in floor-level shower areas ?? and underlines once more Kaldewei??s role as a pioneer and style icon in bathroom culture.


Increasing standards of design and comfort in the bathroom go hand in hand with the continuous evolution of bathroom products, where visionary aesthetics meet technical and functional elements designed as discreetly as possible and positioned to be virtually invisible. Xetis, the new enamelled shower surface with integrated wall outlet, is yet another new development devised by Kaldewei??s Design Centre for a stylish design of floor level showers in harmony with modern bathroom architecture. No outlet disrupts the purist design of the seamless shower surface and no tile grout, the technology is hidden in the wall behind the designer waste cover, which is either tiled or made of mirror-finish chromium. Xetis is available in 13 different sizes ranging from 90 x 90cm and 120 x 120cm through to 100 x 180cm. In addition to sleek Alpine white, the enamelled shower surface also comes in the exclusive colours of the Coordinated Colours Collection to combine harmoniously with wood or stone surfaces.

Kaldewei Xetis ?? Prairie Beige matt 


?The Xetis defines itself by clear stylistic features and visionary aesthetic design,?? explains Nicole Roesler, Head of Marketing and Product Management at Kaldewei. She continues: ?I see Xetis as a state-of-the-art product that revolutionises the shower experience, as its delightfully low-key design allows modern bathroom architecture room for individuality.?? The seamless surface of Xetis without disruptive tile grout impresses not only because of its smooth look. Its functional aspects are equally as striking. The material, Kaldewei steel enamel 3.5mm, is exceptionally easy to clean and protects with familiar reliability against damage due to moisture penetration ?? a major advantage over other materials, especially tiled shower areas. Combining the superior material properties of Kaldewei steel enamel with the visionary design created by Kaldewei??s experts, Xetis is the ultimate example of a seminal product for floor-level shower areas ?? perfect for discriminating bathroom designers.



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