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Wellbeing at a touch

The Comfort Select system from Kaldewei consists of three components that can all be individually combined – an operating panel with electronic control unit, drain and overflow fitting, and a shower hose. This latest innovation was created by the studio of Phoenix Design, who has successful cooperated with Kaldewei for many years and recently received the German Design Award 2012. Comfort Select was also awarded a Product Innovation Award for Technology at the recent Designer Awards held at The Pavilion at the Tower of London on Thursday 15th November 2012.


Indulging in a refreshing bath is often a great quick-fix for our well-being and pleasure. Taking a bath has now become even more comfortable with the new Kaldewei Comfort Select. Harmonised to blend perfectly with designer baths from the Avantgarde and Ambiente range, Kaldewei for the first time offers an electronic fitting with digital, user-friendly operating panel to control the water flow into and out of the bath, water temperature, and shower or bath function.

Kaldewei Comfort Select operating panel with electronic control unit

The operating panel of the Kaldewei Comfort Select with electronic control unit integrates virtually flush into the rim of the bath and allows precise setting of the desired temperature even before running the water. Whether the default 38.5°C, warmer or cooler: the bath fills from the very first second with water of a consistently even temperature which can, of course, be easily adjusted in increments of 0.5°C at any time with the touch of a finger. For safety reasons, the maximum temperature is set to 43°C, but can be increased up to 50°C by pressing a special button combination.


Kaldewei Comfort Select drain and overflow fitting

Along with the temperature, the operating panel of the Kaldewei Comfort Select also regulates the flow of water into and out of the bath. The drain cover opens and closes by a gentle touch of the function symbols on the chromium-plated operating panel. The bath can be filled in two ways: via a standard, external bath tap or using the special Kaldewei Comfort Select drain and overflow fitting with filler function ?? a spout which is discreetly integrated into the overflow.

Kaldewei Comfort Select shower hose

As a further optional function, the Kaldewei Comfort Select operating panel electronically controls the shower using the Kaldewei Comfort Select shower hose. The hose can be fitted with any shower head to match the overall design and either be sunk into the bath rim or fitted to the outside as a highly elegant feature for free- standing baths. The concealed shower hose also scores technical points in that the hose duct with drip facility ensures optimal drainage of residual water.


Function and aesthetics in perfect harmony

The Comfort Select System is the first range of electronically controlled fittings for Kaldewei designer baths in the Avantgarde and Ambiente range. The Comfort Select System consistently continues the purist design and clear stylistic features typical of Kaldewei??s quality products ?? to provide an accessory which complements the company??s 3.5mm steel enamel baths and blends function and aesthetics in perfect harmony while also being quick and easy to install.



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