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The Architecture of Flight

Highlights from Now Boarding: Fentress Airports + The Architecture of Flight will be featured November 26th ?? 28th, at the 2012 Airport Exchange held at the Amsterdam Rai Convention Centre. Developed by renowned curator Donald Albrecht and the Denver Art Museum, the museum exhibition provides a rich multimedia exploration of the past, present, and future of airport architecture, while showcasing the groundbreaking design work of Curtis Fentress and the firm he founded, Fentress Architects.

In only a century, airports have become symbolic gateways, artistic and cultural representations of our highest aspirations, and an indispensable part of our economy. How did they transform from bare grassy fields to thriving cities within themselves? And what changes are in store in the next 100 years of human flight?


Highlights from the Now Boarding museum exhibition answer these questions and many more. Through the use of film, drawings, and photographs, the museum exhibition explores the architectural evolution of airport design.


?I am honored to be featured in this groundbreaking museum exhibition,?? said Curtis Fentress, Founder and Principal-in-Charge of Design for Fentress Architects. ?So often the creative process in architecture occurs quietly between the design team and the client, so it is exciting to give everyone a chance to see ??behind the scenes??.??


These museum exhibition highlights will take visitors on a journey through six airports designed by Curtis Fentress.
?? Denver International Airport
?? Incheon International Airport in Seoul
?? Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
?? Mineta San Jose International Airport
?? Raleigh-Durham International Airport
?? Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport


In addition, Now Boarding will take visitors back through the history of airports with an explorative timeline through aviation??s milestones. This exploration of airport design does not end with airports of today, however. Visitors will also take an interactive, multimedia look into the imagined future of airport design, 50 and 150 years from now.


The Airport of the Future gallery will also feature winning designs from the 2011 Fentress Global Challenge: Airport of the Future. In this international competition, students worldwide were invited to present their vision for the airport of the future. Over 900 registrations were received from 77 countries and were reviewed by a jury of industry experts. Visit www.theairportofthefuture.com for more information or click here to watch a video.




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