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Curves come as standard with Record

Architects and specifiers who want a top quality curved sliding door without the cost and time constraints of a bespoke model, can choose a design to suit their requirements from Record UK??s new RST16 range.


Featuring Record??s System 16 electronic controller, the RST16 brings style and elegance to any entrance or façade. It employs a modular profile system using standardised components allowing the installation of curved or plan doors and semi-circular or elliptical draught-excluding doors with inward or outward curves.


The RST16 is available in bi-parting and single automatic models, the radius of the circular elements being determined on-site. Openings range from 0.8m to 3m with a maximum clear height of 3m. The system can accommodate single doors weighing up to 250kg and bi-parting doors weighing a maximum of 200kg apiece.


Side-screens, fanlights and draught lobbies are available to match the door leaves and all profiles are available in a variety of colours, both powder coated and anodised. The hardware comprises an extruded aluminium running profile with rubber lining, factory-glazed side screens designed to attach directly to the profile, and a glassfibre-reinforced gear belt to give quiet, reliable operation.


The drive unit is designed for a 230V, 50Hz/60Hz, 100W supply and gives opening speeds of up to 0.7m/s for biparting doors (0.46m/s for single doors). Door leaf speeds and closing delay times can be adjusted individually. The RST16 offers a variety of operating options and can be set up to open automatically to full width or to partial width to reduce air movement. It can also be set to open from one direction only ?? useful at closing time.


If desired, the door can be set to remain open continuously or to open manually without power assistance. It is equipped with a deadlock for night-time security and an operating lock to prevent unauthorised use of the control unit. Safety photocells are integrated into the door profiles to prevent the door from shutting if the beam is interrupted. When this happens, the door leaves reopen automatically and the next attempted closure is at low speed. In the case of power failure the door closes, allowing manual opening. An emergency battery, which allows the door to continue operating for several hours after mains failure, is available as an option. Doors equipped with this battery can be pre-set to revert to open, closed or locked when battery power declines.


For more information telephone 01698 376 411 or visit www.recorduk.co.uk




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