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Sunday, June 26, 2022

SPECTRALUX Light Engines

A pioneer in LED lighting, backlighting and industrial fibre optic transmission, has introduced a range of Light Engines designed to simplify LED lighting design. SPECTRALUX light engines enable luminaire manufacturers and other lighting users to produce a vast range of products that deliver excellent illumination and have an extremely long life time at particularly high luminous efficiencies which in many cases exceed 100lm/W. OMC??s SPECTRALUX Light Engines are arrays of highly efficient, tightly-matched LED die material bonded to an aluminium or copper substrate with a precision phosphor coating. In these designs the total chip area has been increased substantially and distributed optimally across the substrate surface to reduce current density and enhance optical efficacy, thereby achieving more light output for the same drive current, optimising heat-dissipation and increasing life-expectancy to as long as 40 years for some parts.


For more information visit www.omc-uk.com




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