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High efficiency wood burner launched in the UK

Pyroclassic Fires has launched New Zealand??s cleanest, most efficient boiler stove in the UK. Its innovative wood burner, named Pyroclassic IV, can heat a home of up to 250sqm, reduce carbon emissions and provide all the hot water for the average family??s needs. The Pyroclassic burns wood so efficiently it can provide a recoverable fire after 12-15 hours. The secret to Pyroclassic??s overnight burn ability is its unique circular ceramic fire chamber (warranted for 15 years), which means logs burn more evenly from front to back of the firebox and for longer, using approximately 1kg logs per hour at 5kw output.?? ??The contemporary, eye-catching design sets it apart from other wood burners on the market and the exterior powder coated panels are available in 100 different colour ways. The panels are interchangeable so customers can easily change them after installation if they change their decor.?? ??Established as a trusted brand in New Zealand for over 30 years and consistently rated the cleanest, most efficient stove available in New Zealand for the last 15, the Pyroclassic has passed all European efficiency and emission tests.

DEFRA exempted for use in smoke control zones, Pyroclassic is the only purely log fire available which has a certified 12 hour continuous burn rating on logs. Using a Pyroclassic improves the energy SAP rating of any house and reduces a household??s carbon emissions by up to 200kg per year.?? ??With only two moving parts ?? the door and the Turboslider, which controls air flow to start the fire ?? Pyroclassic is easy to light and maintain. The 10mm thick stove top is also suitable for many cooking methods such as baking bread, cooking casseroles or boiling a kettle.?? ??Wood fuelled domestic heating products are the norm in New Zealand and with the prices of oil, gas and electricity continuing to rise in the UK, the manufacturers are confident that the UK market is ready for an alternative heating source that is renewable and sustainable.?? ??Pyroclassic IV is available as either a dry stove at £1700 plus VAT or a boiler stove with a Hydroflow Wetback system for hot water, which retails at around £2,000 exc. VAT, with VAT of just 5 percent payable on the installation of the wetback version. A number of accessories are available including two sizes of raised hearth and woodbins and a cook top dutch oven.


For more information telephone 0161 485 3356 or visit www.pyroclassic.uk


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