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Glazing system achieves BBA approval

The high performance i3 glazing system, developed by Tremco illbruck for Passiv Haus projects and other developments requiring excellent airtightness, has now achieved BBA approval, proving its suitability in service.


Already widely used across a number of sectors, the illbruck i3 system for perimeter sealing of windows and doors incorporates a triple combination of products to effectively seal on three levels: the breathable illbruck Compriband TP600 External Weather Seal works on the outside junction, while the thermal and acoustic insulation layer, closing the gap around the frame, comes in the form of illbruck FM230 Window Seal Foam. Then the airtight illbruck ME500 Duo Flexible Window Membrane offers an internal airtight seal.


All three products now hold BBA accreditation ?? when used independently or together forming the illbruck i3 system. There is now every reason to provide robust sealing to increasingly higher quality windows, when otherwise the energy efficiencies provided by the window could be significantly compromised by inferior installation methods.


To gain British Board of Agrément Certification, Tremco illbruck had to ensure Building Regulations requirements were met, while factors relating to additional non-regulatory requirements were also addressed.


Aspects taken into account included the following:

?? independently verified technical specification

?? assessment criteria and technical investigations

?? design considerations

?? installation guidance

?? regular surveillance of production

?? formal three-yearly review.


The appraisal procedure examined how the system resists the infiltration of wind driven rain or snow, as well as how the system maintains an air movement barrier at lintels, sills and jambs in accordance with accredited construction details. Consideration was also given to such concerns as the risk of interstitial or surface condensation.


Tremco illbruck??s business development manager responsible for the i3 system, Steve Wild comments: ?Initially most of the enquiries regarding i3 following changes to Part L in 2006, involved specifiers seeking enhanced air leakage performance, but this also gave us the chance to push its other benefits, including thermal, acoustic and weather performance.


?Now that the Duo Membrane and the i3 system as a whole are BBA certified it will get over the situation where NHBC inspectors would often advocate EPDM membranes because they were more familiar with them. We believe the thermal performance of the foam ?? and our special 3 mm nozzle to enable effective filling of narrow gaps ?? are of particular importance in countering thermal bridging and having an integrated, three level system offers real peace of mind.??


BBA accreditation is frequently a key factor for product acceptance on new build projects and with the additional comfort afforded by Tremco illbruck??s 10-year guarantee, the user is assured of a quality installation which also protects the values of the high quality windows which the system is sealing.


For more information telephone 01942 258 011 or visit www.tremco-illbruck.co.uk





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