• Fact or friction

    Fact or friction

    In January’s ‘The Last Word’ feature, Helen Groat, Senior Engineer, Arup, discusses the capabilities and intricacies of timber for use in the architectural industry     Developments in timber engineering, with respect to machining complexity, innovation and the types of timber used, have heightened interest in the material and increased its popularity. Through its work

  • Take the stage

    Take the stage

    Architect’s Choice explores the Stirling Prize Winner, Everyman Theatre, Liverpool, and the advent of good theatre design in architecture.   The Everyman Theatre, Liverpool, designed by Haworth Tompkins, is undoubtedly a worthy winner of 2014’s RIBA Stirling Prize trophy. The old Everyman Theatre in Liverpool opened in 1964 in the shell of a nineteenth century

  • Let the light in

    Let the light in

    The Photon Project Ltd, founding company for The Photon SpaceTM brand, brings together leading minds to present a new wellbeing experience     The Photon SpaceTM provides a new hospitality and well-being experience combining the latest in all-glass technology with sophisticated design; to let the benefits of natural light in. Launched on Crowdcube in November,

  • January Question Time

    January Question Time

    This month’s question: When is architectural design acceptable as sculpture and not functioning form?     When is it ok for architectural design to exist merely as a spectacle and not to be used by the masses? This is the questions on many architectural enthusiasts lips as news of London’s Garden Bridge reveals that the

  • Food lovers’ paradise

    Food lovers’ paradise

    In November’s Last Word feature, Ken Greig, Partner at Greig & Stephenson, reflected on how architecture affects its surrounding community; the people, the businesses and the landscape… Our involvement with Borough Market has in many ways taken us back to the grass roots, designing for small retail businesses rather than for the major multiples that

  • Value inside and out

    Value inside and out

    Richard Beastall, Principal Director in the Interiors Division and Chris Bennie, Principal Director in the Architecture Division, at tp bennett, discuss levelling the design playing field As architectural practices struggle to give greater authority to their interior design departments, Richard and Chris explain the client value of a practice that has equalised the status of

  • Going up!

    Going up!

    The Leadenhall Building boasts state of the art construction and extraordinary craftsmanship, just as Arup designed Standing a statuesque 224 metres tall with 46 floors, this building provides the highest offices in the City of London. Developing ideas that can be traced back to Rogers’ and Arup’s early collaborations from the design of the Centre

  • Architect profile: Simon Mitchell

    Architect profile: Simon Mitchell

    Jade Tilley speaks to Simon Mitchell, one half of the Sybarite dynamic duo, about being a diverse architect, relocating to London and hopes of rockstardom Sybarite Architects is an architectural and design practice bringing timeless style and luxury through our work. Founders Simong Mitchell and Torquil McIntosh met at Future Systems where the experience they

  • November Question Time

    November Question Time

    This month’s question: As a designer, architect, inventor of sorts, what do you feel are your limits when it comes to design?   Image: Rim, Anthracite collection.   Design is all encompassing: it transcends industries and artists and can be found in the most obscure of settings. At the London Design Festival just passed, Zaha