ZHA launch first UK residential project with lobby transformation at Southbank Tower

ZHA launch first UK residential project with lobby transformation at Southbank Tower

Today, Southbank Tower, one of London’s most prominent luxury residential developments in the Southbank, announced a major partnership with Zaha Hadid Architects.

The commission will see the critically acclaimed firm, who are widely considered one of the world’s most inventive architecture studios, radically transform the lobby space at Southbank Tower on behalf of a private investment firm who acquired 37 apartments from the developer of the building in early 2018. This is set to be Zaha Hadid Architects’ first refurbishment of an apartment building in the UK and will see the firm introduce a new mezzanine and lift, new finishes, new concierge desk and a bold feature lighting scheme to the tower.

The tower boasts spectacular two and three bedroom apartments with phenomenal views of the river and some of London’s most iconic landmarks, the largest residential roof terrace in the capital and a five star concierge service.

Construction of the lobby will commence in early 2020 and is due for completion in summer 2020. This ambitious project spans 200 square metres with a significant proportion of construction taking place offsite through innovative techniques. The lobby is within the repurposed Southbank Tower, one of the UK’s most ambitious renovation and reuse projects; transforming an underused 30-storey office building into a vibrant, 41-storey mixed-use tower.

Zaha Hadid Architects’ work invites exploration, creating unique spatial experiences for users as they interact with each other and the surrounding architecture. The lobby’s design enhances the offer of Southbank Tower and draws inspiration from the intricate, organic forms of flower petals. The fluid curves of the structure house the concierge on the ground floor, before peeling back at the top to reveal an inviting mezzanine level, which will act as an additional lounge and entertaining space for Southbank Tower residents and their guests.

The lobby’s material and colour palette draws inspiration from the existing building design, marrying polished marble and concrete with rich walnut, leather and silks. The sculptural petals convey the practice’s virtuosity of fluid geometries, using innovative techniques to define the individual forms that overlap to conceal the lobby’s dramatic lighting. This bespoke process creates original pieces at an architectural scale that are otherwise associated with intricate, hand-crafted design works.

To ensure the highest standards of precision, the lobby’s petals and marble pieces are formed in a studio off-site using the digital 3D files. This process will also minimise the duration of works in the lobby and any disturbance to residents.

Richard Gabelich from SF Asset Advisory, acting on behalf of the private investor and delivering this project: “Southbank Tower currently stands as one of London’s premier luxury residential buildings and a major landmark in the capital’s skyline. By commissioning world-renowned architecture firm, Zaha Hadid Architects to provide a stunning new entrance lobby, we aspire to further elevate the tower, building its reputation as a residential leader in design and innovation.”

Helmut Kinzler, project director, Zaha Hadid Architects: “The design has evolved from our work reinventing the spaces of art museums and galleries around the world; creating immersive spatial experiences for the Southbank Tower’s lobby that enhance the materiality and volumes of the original structure.”

This announcement marks the first of a series of major brand partnerships set to launch at Southbank Tower over the coming months, and form part of the towers major re-launch onto the global residential market.


Jade Tilley
Jade Tilley

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