Engineered to be better

Engineered to be better

New BLANCO TAMPERA Hot with five-stage water filter, taste-free titanium boiler and child-safe design, as standard.

There are no optional extras involved in Blanco??s brand new boiling water tap, just one extremely competitive price for a feature packed 3 in 1 hot tap that comes with absolutely everything you need.

So why choose the TAMPERA Hot?

It really is quite simple, instant, beautifully filtered, 100°C boiling water at the twist of a child-safe lever from an ultra-safe, super-hygienic and taste-free titanium boiler, delivering an aerated, concentrated flow to prevent spitting, through an insulated spout that doesn??t get hot. Simple really.

A high-pressure titanium boiler, not copper or stainless steel tanks like many competitors, makes the TAMPERA Hot system more hygienic and ensures the water is taste-free – ideal for the perfect cup of tea. It??s also strong, really strong, top-grade titanium is corrosion resistant and able to withstand the high-pressures of a constant 105°C internal temperature.

The quality of the water going in is maintained with a BWT five-stage filtration system that is fitted as standard, not expensive optional extras. This purification process improves water quality while maintaining and protecting the performance of the whole system, adding another level of peace of mind for you and your customers. The filter removes particles, heavy metals, and impurities that affect the taste of the water while reducing limescale, balancing the mineral content and softening the water before entering the boiler.

The system includes a fool-proof digital Flowmeter, again, as standard. A simple digital interface that displays the filter usage and audibly alerts you when it is time to change the cartridge ?? ensuring that the whole system is functioning perfectly.

Blanco have taken time and lavished expertise on perfecting the TAMPERA Hot, bringing you a 3 in 1 hot tap that offers market leading specifications as standard, without lots of optional extras and with none of the worry after installation. The TAMPERA Hot comes with a two-year guarantee, once registered, and we have a service, installation and after-sales team with national coverage for absolute reassurance. As you would expect from Blanco, it??s been engineered to be better.

The TAMPERA Hot is already great value for money in comparison to the competition, it is also available as a Blanco sink and tap pack upgrade however, making one of the most feature-packed, highest spec 3 in 1 boiling water taps even more accessible.

For more information on the TAMPERA Hot, call 01923 635 200, email or visit

Jade Tilley
Jade Tilley

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