A sustainable statement

A sustainable statement

The way we design our spaces has changed rapidly towards open-plan spaces with carefully curated aesthetics.

Method bins in one of Canva??s offices

Organisations are investing in the design of their space, so bins have been hidden in cupboards and under desks to maintain aesthetics where they discourage recycling.

However, social and organisational pressure to develop spaces that are sustainable in their build and fit-out continues to grow. Sustainable designs also continue to be among the world’s most innovative buildings. So why not code recyclable behaviours into the fit-out of your next space?

Method??s beautiful bins are designed to be out in the open, complementing modern aesthetics. The bins are colour coded, have a patented built-in bag retainer system to stop liners from showing and best yet, they??re proven to change recycling behaviours.

The bins become a visible statement of an organisations commitment to recycling and sustainability. Ready to make the change?

Get in touch – www.methodrecycling.com

Jade Tilley
Jade Tilley

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