The Beating Heart of Papworth

The Beating Heart of Papworth

Royal Papworth??s new hospital, a state-of-the-art heart and lung facility with more than 300 beds, has officially opened to the public.

HOK??s London Studio has led the architectural design for the UK??s leading cardiothoracic hospital??s new home on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. By providing patients and family with a comforting, easy-to-navigate environment, HOK??s design seeks to reduce stress and anxiety. HOK??s design embraces the use of natural light together with the close co-location of the circulation elements, helping to make wayfinding for patients and their families as easy to navigate as possible.

The design of the new hospital promotes the Trust??s model of care by creating separate zones for ambulatory or outpatient care, emergency services, diagnostic and treatment functions. The clear separation of these areas creates an environment that is easy-to-navigate, streamlines admissions, and allows for efficient patient transfers. The facade of the building was developed following detailed conversations with Royal Papworth consultant surgeon Stephen Tsui. Stephen was inspired by the ??Cloud Gate?? sculpture by Anish Kapoor in Chicago, by the sculpture??s mirrored surface that reflects the constantly changing surrounding environment. He wanted the new Royal Papworth to reflect the fact that healthcare is never static, that it too is constantly evolving.

Colin Glen, Project Manager at Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trustsaid, “We are immensely proud of our new hospital in Cambridge, which is the culmination of many years of hard work from so many people, including our partners at HOK. Every element of the build has been designed by clinicians with patients in mind to ensure a caring, safe, and relaxing environment for the more than 100,000 people we treat each year, as well as providing the best facilities for our staff to continue to deliver world-class outcomes.”

Royal Papworth??s new location offers patients immediate access to a range of services and also helps attract leading clinicians and researchers. A tranquil parkland setting, also designed by HOK, surrounds the building and features open, green spaces organised around a new duck pond, providing patients, family and staff connectivity to nature, helping with the healing process.

HOK has developed an innovative strategy for the longevity of the building, designing Royal Papworth for the future, with the capacity to expand by 11,000m². The ability to re-purpose areas to suit evolving clinical needs is met by the building??s structure and engineering services strategy, together with the strategic placement of soft space. By designing rooms with standardized size, shape and layout, these can be more easily reconfigured.

Kirstin Ziemer, senior medical planner, HOK stated, ?As Senior Medical Planner, this project has provided an exciting and rare opportunity to completely reinvent and modernise how Royal Papworth delivers patient care. Healthcare design is incredibly complex, especially for cardiothoracic treatment. I loved the challenge this brief presented.  The patient??s journey was a key focus for the design. This in turn influenced the clinical design, by creating a place where the talented clinicians at Royal Papworth would be proud to work within. This was also a unique experience.??

?We were fortunate to engage with the clinicians very early on in the design process.?? added Ziemer. ?Through these collaborative relationships, we developed a user group, which helped to define the brief. The successful completion of an exemplary healthcare project relies on teamwork and personal commitment. I am immensely proud of HOK??s London healthcare team for helping to deliver Royal Papworth Hospital.??

?This is a world-class facility, designed to set a new standard in patient care and support the well-being of visitors and staff,?? said Allison Wagner, regional leader of HOK??s healthcare practice. ?The state-of-the-art building also recognises the rapid progress in clinical care, offering the flexibility for future expansion and reconfiguration. We are enormously proud to see Royal Papworth Hospital open to the public.??

Throughout the hospital, HOK designed a variety of functional spaces for families, including the patient bedrooms. Areas have also been designed for collaboration between family members and the care team when it comes to treatment planning. The design introduces internet spaces in the atria for patient and family access. The aim is that the holistic design will raise the level of access to clinical information whilst support a culture of transparency.

?It was clear that after listening and interpreting the client??s brief, Royal Papworth had to be the central focus on the vast Cambridge Biomedical Campus. The elegant, oval shape of the building complements this design philosophy,?? stated Ian Fleetwood, HOK??s lead designer on the project. ?As a young boy I became very aware of the progression of modern science when Royal Papworth became world renowned for delivering the first successful heart transplant in the UK. It was therefore a great honour and privilege to design Royal Papworth??s new facility. This now takes centre stage at the innovative campus in Cambridge, allowing the hospital to continue its mission of medical advancement for cardiothoracic care and research.??

?This unique project will make a huge, long-term positive contribution to the local community and more widely to the healthcare profession,?? said Charlie Norris, Project Director, Skanska. ?Working with HOK to deliver the Royal Papworth NHS Foundation Trust??s vision for a world-leading cardiothoracic hospital was a great opportunity and we have built a fantastic facility.??

HOK??s global healthcare practice provides strategic, operational and design services for acute care, ambulatory care and medical office buildings. HOK is currently working on the expansion strategy for Evelina Children??s Hospital. Other recent healthcare projects include St Bartholomew??s and the Royal London Hospitals; NewYork-Presbyterian David H. Koch Center in Manhattan; Scripps Prebys Cardiovascular Institutein La Jolla, California;and the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital lin Jurong, Singapore.

Jess Bacon
Jess Bacon

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