Plaza Lineal® goes public

Plaza Lineal® goes public

AG has launched a brand new premium paving product, Plaza Lineal® , answering industry demand for a flagstone that is durable, versatile and strong whilst possessing an aesthetically pleasing plank-like appearance.

Plaza Lineal®

Plaza Lineal®, a premium water-etched, lightly textured, granite aggregate paving that is 120mm deep comes in a range of rectangular dimensions and six colours that can be ??mixed and matched?? to create a broad range of patterns that blend seamlessly with any outdoor environment.

The factory-developed paving is durable and hard wearing with a minimum surface layer of 5mm that is made up of 90 per cent natural granite and quartz aggregate, a resilient combination. This robust surface makes Plaza Lineal® especially well-suited to spaces with heavy footfall and the associated abrasive effects.

Plaza lineal has been designed in a way that optimises bending strength (>3.5Mpa) thereby tackling another issue that can arise with other rectangular paving solutions on the market. The paving has also been designed with slip resistance (USRV >75) making it especially safe and suitable for commercial and residential projects alike.

As with any AG product, clients can rest assured that the highest quality and standards have been employed in the production of Plaza Lineal®; the paving is manufactured in a strict factory environment to comply with BS EN 1338/1339:2003.

Plaza Lineal® clients also have the added benefit of knowing they are using a solution that is environmentally friendly; it is 100 per cent renewable, produced using 90 per cent recycled water and is 100 per cent recyclable. An A BREEAM rating can be achieved when the paving is used in conjunction with a prepared recycling sub-base.

Jess Bacon
Jess Bacon

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