A Method to Recycling

A Method to Recycling

How a New Zealand design company is helping to increase recycling rates in the UK.


While many of us make an effort to recycle at home, our behaviours can often change at work.

New Zealand design company Method investigated reasons for this and discovered factors that impact the disparity between home and work habits.

Since 2015, Method has been successfully using design principles to improve communication in the workplace challenging issues that face employees.

Every borough, council, and waste management service collect different recycling streams in a plethora of bins and colours.

There is a lack of standardisation to encourage more recycling. As the UK leaves the EU, concerns are mounting about how this will affect the waste targets set in the Paris Climate Agreement.

In England, leaving the EU could give ministers leeway to set more lenient targets. Method continues to work with waste management companies to create a single, harmonised system for commercial waste using design principles to increase recycling and reduce contamination.

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Jess Bacon
Jess Bacon

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