Morlands’ Forever Firecheck ® Wins the BWF Process Efficiency Award 2018

Morlands’ Forever Firecheck ® Wins the BWF Process Efficiency Award 2018

Morland has announced that its fully encapsulated intumescent strip for fire door frames Forever Firecheck ® has won the BWF Process Efficiency Award 2018.

Forever Firecheck

Awarded for improvements that help ensure customers get the best possible products at the best possible prices, at the best possible quality levels and in the best possible delivery times. Forever Firecheck® netted Morland its second win at these annual awards in a row.

Intumescent strips are required in fire rated doorsets. The graphite intumescent strip is traditionally encapsulated in plastic and held in place with self-adhesive tape. Fitting the strip into the frame is a fiddly manual task. On site the strips are often removed for decoration of the frame weakening bonds and leading to losses.

A recent study by the B.W.F. F.D.I.S. found 61 per cent of fire doors inspected had safety problems with fire seals. 15 million metres of plastic casing are used to encapsulate fire door frame intumescent seals in the UK every year.

Forever Firecheck® as a door frame system ensures:
• The seal cannot be tampered with or removed
• The seal cannot be seen, improving door frame aesthetics
• Eradication of plastic use in the intumescent strips
• Production efficiency is improved by 2/3 over traditional strip fitting

By eradicating the plastic carrier and self-adhesive tape the graphite seal in Forever Firecheck® can be reel fed into the frame on a continuous through feed production line. The graphite is held in place by a decorative foil that encapsulates the whole door jamb and can be designed to suit the customers’ requirement; e.g. a ready to paint paper, real wood veneer or continuous pressure laminate. Increasing production efficiency and fire door safety, improving aesthetics and eradicating seals plastic encapsulation.

Kevin Underwood the BWF’s technical director in congratulating Morland on their second BWF award remarked that the products offer ‘was too strong to be ignored’.

Jess Bacon
Jess Bacon

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